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WR-2500 Online Wall Reader Controller

Main Features

• Max users: 64,000
• Max doors: 64,000
• Ability to adjust Daylight Saving Time
• Ability to validate an expired card through
e-Link Wall Reader
• Ability to have firmware upgraded by FDMS
• Emergency open / emergency close mode
programmed from software
• Ability to update (read/write) to the card through
e-Link Wall Reader.
1. Add user, delete user
2. Add calendar, DST setting
3. Enable / disable authorization by cards
4. Change opening mode for locks
• Events:
- Controller to PC: unlimited when online
• Time zones: 200
- Each time zone consists of 12 periods
• 128 calendars
• 2 Reader connections (in / out) Anti-Pass-back function
available with 2 e-Link Wall Readers.
• Outputs: 2 relay outputs
• If the network fails, the controller will continue to work
(If the unit is offline, 1024 events are stored in the memory
and are transferred when the unit is online)
• Encryption Code Protocol between PC & Controller

Technical Specification

• Power: 12Vdc - 24Vdc
• Current draw: 250mA
• On-board TCP/IP board for RJ45 network connection
with CAT5 cable
• Number of wall readers: 2
• Link to wall reader by RS 485 cable
• Number of relays: 2 (Rated at 7A @ 30Vdc)
• Inputs: 4 (monitored)
• Exit button input (monitored)
• Operating temperature: -20°C to 70°C
• CE certified

WR-2510 Offline Wall Reader Controller

If no network connection is available we can supply a 
WR-2510 controller to work offline.
The controller can have its firmware updated to work as an online controller with no hardware changes.