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C-700/E00 IP67 Electronic Cylinders

Main Features

• Ability to adjust Daylight Saving Time
• Ability to update (read/write) commands to the card
• Transponder: MIFARE® Classic (13.56Mhz)*
• Max Users: 64,000
• Max Doors: 64,000
• Time zones: 200, each time zone consists of
12 periods
• 128 calendars
• Opening mode:
1. Standard (default 6 seconds)
2. Toggle
3. Timed Toggle
4. Office Hour Mode
• Emergency Open / Emergency Close
mode programmed via a card
• Initial setup by System Programmer thereafter
updated by card
• Acoustic Low Power Warning
• Emergency Power Pack available in case of flat batteries
• Transponder reading distance: up to 20mm
• Wire free
• Firmware can be upgraded by FDMS
• Lock opening time adjustable by card update
• Managed by e-Link network system software
• 1024 events stored in the memory

Technical Specification

• Battery life: standby 3 years or 40,000 operations
• Battery spec: CR2 x 1pc (*Double Cyl CR2 x 2pc)
• Environment:
IP67 Weather Rated
Operating Temperature -25°C to 70°C
• EN 1303 EURO Profile cylinder drill protection
as standard, Anti Twist Stainless Steel Bar
• Standard Finish:
Knob: Satin Stainless Steel
Cylinder Body: Matt Nickel Plate

*MIFARE and MIFARE Classic are trademarks of NXP B.V


C-700N/E00 Euro Profile Double Cylinder
• Cylinder lengths available: 60mm -180mm
• Internal Knob: diameter 35.8mm, length 46mm
• External Knob: diameter 35.8mm, length 46mm

c700n ip67 double cyinder

C-700/E00 Euro Profile Cylinder & Turn

• Cylinder lengths available: 60mm -180mm
• External Knob: diameter 35.8mm, length 46mm

c700 ip67 cylinder  turn

C-700M/E00 Euro Profile Single Cylinder

• Cylinder lengths available:
40mm (30/10) - 70mm (60/10)
• External Knob: diameter 35.8mm,
length 46mm

c700m ip67 single cylinder