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Hotel Energy Saver

WRW-313 Energy Saver

Save money on your energy bills by controlling the lighting and power points in your rooms.
The Energy Saver switch is operated by insertion of a programmed guest room card or staff card.
• Retrofit to Standard European Flush Wall Socket
• Available in Light Grey or Dark Grey Finish
• Blue LED Lighting to help locate your card
(Led lighting will turn off after card is inserted)
• Relay Time Delay after card is removed: setup by HPMS software (4 – 258 seconds)
• Intelligent Reader that can only be activated with a programmed room or staff card
• 1no Relay Output used to switch a mains contactor
• Audit Trail Events stored: 504

Technical Specification

• Power required: 12Vdc~
(NB. A separate 12vdc Power Supply is required to power the Energy Saver)
• Current Draw: 80ma
• Number of relays: 1 (N/C, N/O Rated at 3A @ 30Vdc)
(The relay is used to switch a mains contactor and must not be used to directly switch mains voltage)
• Operating temperature: -20°C to 80°C