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Standalone Overview

Waferlock’s Standalone system is an ideal locking solution for small commercial / office premises that require the convenience of an electronic locking system, easy management of user’s cards but without the need for a computer or software.
The system can be easily upgraded to work on our PC based e-Link system if required in the future.
• Simple to program from cards no software / computer required
• Each lock supports up to 1000 users
• Easy to delete issued user cards via the supplied shadow cards
• All user cards can be deleted easily in one if required
• The locks can be easily set in passage mode:
Using a passage mode card you can choose which users have this function in their user card
• Battery life : Standby 3 years or 50,000 operations
• Low battery warning
• Emergency battery packs available
• Battery Locks can have their firmware upgraded to work with our PC controlled e-Link system
• Hard wired wall readers are available for high usage doors