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e-Link Overview

e-Link the innovative access control system from GB Locking Systems

A flexible configuration for small to large systems. Using online wall readers, user cards distribute data from the software to the offline standalone doors, this
includes deleted card information, access rights and lock time zones etc. At the same time audit trails and battery
status from the offline doors are transferred back to the PC.

The powerful software is easy to use with many features providing a simple, efficient and secure system for all
access control requirements.


• Supports up to 64,000 doors / 64,000 users
• User friendly door and user set-up
• Easy User profile setup (includes Visitor Profile), Lock setup and Wall Reader Controller setup
• Offline locks can be programmed or updated with user access rights from the software using the
RT-7500 hand held System Programmer
• Events & Audit Trail reporting
• User Audit Trail list
• Lock low battery warning list
• Door unlocked or alarm warning list
• Issued Card log list
• Ability for setting up Calendar functions
• Ability for managing Daylight Saving function
• Time Zones: 200
• Each time zone can have 12 periods
• System User Authorization Management
• Function for importing and exporting files and databases
• Detailed audit / event reports