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WHPMS Hotel System Software

HPMS is a user-friendly software for issuing guest cards, staff cards viewing audit trails, and programming hotel locks. The HPMS software is compatible with all Waferlock hotel products.
• Supports up to 1,500 bedrooms / staffrooms
• Pre-Check in Schedule available
• Easy to manage guest cards, delete issued cards, or ban any lost cards.
• Office Hour Mode for Passage Doors and Public Doors.
• Instant Event Reports by card.
• Check in / Out Report
• Card Log Report
• User Audit Trail for HPMS software
• User Authorization Account management.
• API available for connecting PMS to HPMS.

System Requirement

• Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
• CPU: Intel Pentium 1.0GHz+ or AMD Athlon 1000+
• RAM: 256 MB
• HardDisk Space: 100 MB
• Resolution :1024*768
• Minimum USB port: 1
• Ethernet Card (for multi front-desk connection)